Canadarm, Canada's most famous robotic and technological achievement, made its space debut on the Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-2) on November 13, 1981. The design and building of the arm, also known as the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System, marked the beginning of Canada's close collaboration with the National Aeronautics  & Space          Administration (NASA)                                      the man in charge was                            Larkin Kerwin                                            president of the National                          Research Council which                                   built the 'Canada Arm' for                               the  Space Program.

          for an alphabetical list of women, men, sports and associations presenstly approved for inclusion on the monument.

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Sr. Elizabeth died, age 89, Sept. 2013.  She was passionate about peace, social justice and, as the Globe & Mail wrote she ".. raising Cain everywhere from City Hall in Vancouver to Parliament in Ottawa to defend the rights of the un-housed, addicted & afflicted, and to better the lot of its poorest and most marginalized people."

You'll want to get to know her...

With deep respect and appreciation the Ireland Canada Monument Society acknowledges that Wainborn Park, the site on which the monument will stand , on the ancient unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations..

TALAMH an ÉISC  1536

What did the Irish in Canada do for Canada?  It's decidedly monumental!


There lies deep within all creation, creatures and persons, unconscious memories. To know the past is key to unlocking the future.

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For sure the Irish did a good job of dropping their language and blending in so, if you're Irish or not, you might be surprised by who accomplished what and wouldn't it be great to chip in and help us all get the Ireland Canada Monument built now so that the stories of many unsung heroes/heroines will be told and honoured.

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During the Great Hunger of the 1800s thousands of Irish arrived in Montreal. Most came alone, some with their family. Desperate, but courageous, looking for a new life. They needed work. The best possibility was the canal projects.



Sister Elizabeth Kelliher(Franciscan) confirmed this dates back to the 12th century when St Clare  of Assisi, a follower of St. Francis wrote her own rules for a religious community of women. The Pope then told Francis to rewrite the rules  and supervise the women. Francis said NO. .

On Grosse ile, in the middle of the St. Laurence River, this Irish Memorial stands that they may never be forgotten.

  Douglas Hyde Ireland's First President                                              began his careers at                                                     the  University of New

                                          Brunswick (before it was  

                                          UNB) teaching languages                                          & engaging with Canada's

                                         First Nations language and

                                         cultures. Languages were his lifelong passion and shortly after his return to Ireland Hyde co-founded the Gaelic League (Conradh na Gaeilge} the national movement for the revival of the Irish language.... a movement that is still changing the way we communicate. 

And, if you like poetry? You'll love Douglas Hyde's

(AKA  An Craoibhín Aoibhinn)

farewell ode to Canada!        .

At their June 5th meeting the Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation voted approval of the Ireland Canada Monument to be installed at George Wainborn Park, False Creek, Vancouver.  “Discovering a New Land”, the chosen design, features a wall of stones from all Ireland and Canada in an existing bosque of trees, a pathway outlinies Ireland's shoreline and names all 32 counties
Upon completion panels will be engraved with 256 names, iconic Irish images and symbolic artwork.  . 
The design assures an aesthetic and unobtrusive amenity for walking, sitting, relaxing & reflecting.       
We sincerely thank Park Board; the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations;      our generous supporters and PWL designers for bringing this monumental recognition of Irish- Canadian's contributions to this success              and we invite you to move forward with us now 

Thank you for your patience

as we add more names,

associations, bios and news

we'll keep you up to date as

the monument plans unfold 

Some contend that Nuns were  the first feminists.

Approved to go ahead !

Did you know ?

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The first Irish to settle in Canada landed in 1536 and 'struck gold' and the island we know as Newfoundland was known as Talamh an Eise (Land of Fish).

From 1536 they came from the Island of Ireland. They became Founding Fathers of the Nation. They built canals and bridges to new freedoms. They founded schools and hospitals, tilled the fields and shared the harvests, kept up the good sports and filled hearts with the joy of music.

They are the Irish -  immigrants and decendants, women and men - whom we honour here now.