Ambassador Pat and Carol Binns at the         2007 Thanksgiving Dinner Dinner.               ICS Chair Dave Wilson looks on.

     Hearn was born in the fishing village of Renews, Newfoundland, where he received his early education. His father, from Carrick-on-Suir Tipperary, left there ca.800, just before the Great Hunger. His mother’s family were Sheehans from Kilkenny.

     After graduating from high school, he began his studies at Memorial University of Newfoundland and the University of New Brunswick. He began his career as a teacher in Renews and Trepassey, Newfoundland and Labrador before his political career began in 1982, he served as Minister for Education from 1985 to 1989.  In 2000 he entered federal politics as a member of the Conservative Party and was elected a Member of Parliament serving as House Leadder, Canadian Heritage Critic, Public Works and Goverment Services Critic, and Critic of the  Leader of the Government in the House of Commons. Loyola Hearn was named Minister of Fisheries and Oceans on February 6, 2006.  Hearn was faced with many crisis around the issue of fish plants in rural Newfoundland communities, often finding himself in conflict with the provincial government, business and unions. Just prior to the dissolution of Parliament in September 2008, Hearn announced that he would not stand for re-election.

          Loyola Hearn was appointed as Canada's Ambassador to Ireland in 2010 - the 28th Canadian Ambassador to Ireland.
         Hearn and his wife, Maureen, have a son, David and a daughter, Laurita.        225

                                              Willie was born in Emyvale County Monaghan Ireland on the 17th April 1933.  He was born into a farming family of four – two sons and two daughters. He formed a long ad lasting relationship with the people of Prince Edward Island in Canada – many of whose ancestors had emigrated from this very part of Monaghan - and became involved in Agriculture in the Province.
     A Community Activist, Willie McKenna was deeply involved from an early age in his local community and later at County and National level. In his early twenty he was elected to public office and served at the highest level I his native County for the following Thirty Years. When he met and married Nancy Kirby from County Limerick and they set up home in Mullaghdun they were both were involved in community work and contributed immensely to the life of the town.
     Approached by Tommy Makem, one of Ireland’s greatest musical entertainers on behalf of the P.E.I. representatives with a view to a twinning arrangement with County Monaghan he wholeheartedly pursued this proposal and history now reflects the success of his efforts. Willie became a true Ambassador between the people of Monaghan and Prince Edward Island and visited the Irish Community in P.E.I. 19 times since 1990. Willie then set about developing the link and getting PEI and Monaghan Linked. He and other delegates went to PEI and PEI people began to come to Ireland and Monaghan in particular because many of them had roots here. In the early days he suffered criticism and some expressed their utter disapproval of this ‘waste of money’., but that did not deter him. He could foresee the benefits and the outcomes if the link was developed and so it proved as Monaghan has gained economically from the tourists who have visited Monaghan from PEI.
      But PEI was not the only Canadian connection. He soon learned that there were Irish descendants In New Brunswick and that link was developed to Monaghan’s benefit and then the link spread to Peterboro, Ontario, and coach loads have come from there too  to visit Monaghan. Willie established strong bonds with the various Canadian Ambassadors to Ireland and that too brought many economic benefits, not only to Monaghan but to companies in other counties as well and indeed Canadian companies were also to benefit. Much of the work done by Willie behind the scenes to promote local industry went unnoticed to the general public and Willie was a welcome guest in the Canadian Embassy in Dublin anytime. As a Councillor Willie represented all the people of the county without exception and always did his best to get the best outcomes for those who sought his help. Again in a quiet manner he helped many many people and solved their problems far from the spotlight. But he loved the spotlight and no one I know could manipulate the media like Willie. He used many tricks to ensure that his photo appeared on the front page of the Northern Standard every week. He was a visionary and knew that to get a message out to the public you had to use every method of publicity possible. ‘Marketing’, he used say, ‘it’s all about marketing’ and he knew how to do that.  
       Willie passed to his eternal reward on the morning of Friday, September 26th and news of his death brought a great sadness throughout Ireland and abroad. Fr. McGinn paid tribute to Willie speaking of his kindness and charitable work, describing Willie as one who was very well liked, much loved, highly regarded and much respected by everyone in the community. It would take a very big volume of a book to capture the essence of Willie McKenna and cover all aspects of his life.

Binns earned his Masters in Communit  Development at the University of Alberta. In the summer of 1970 he worked in PEI where he met Carol, his future wife. They worked in Northern Alberta then returned to PEI where Binns was employed by the Rural Development Council and the Provincial Government. Pat and Carol bought a farm in PEI where they raised their four children, kept sheep and grew edible beans.
     In 1978, Binns was elected to the PEI Legislature as an Opposition member. Re-elected he was appointed a Cabinet Minister. In 1984 he was elected Federal MP for Cardigan. Defeated in 1988, Binns developed a consulting business and was a founding partner in Island Bean Limited.
      Binns became Leader of the PC Party of PEI in 1996. He was elected premier for three terms and was known as the province's "affable and unassuming premier."  

    in 2007, was named Canada’s Ambassador to Ireland.                                             Born in 1948, the son of Stan and Phyllis Binns, Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Pat (Paddy) was always close to his Grandad, Pat Evans, who had emigrated from Co. Monaghan (ca. 1912) and settled in western Canada, employed as a CN Railway engineer and had instilled in his grandson a love of Ireland. It follows that Bintns appreciated this opportunity to work where his roots and Irish relatives (Ronaghan and Sweeney) and his friend Willie McKenna were.

     In 2010, Binns was appointed Consul General to New England. He and Carol retired to their PEI farm in 2014 returning  to Ireland for visits with friends and family and the celebration of PEI’s twinning with County Monaghan..              223

Loyola Hearn                  

Appointed Ambassador 2015                                    

Canadian Ambassadors to Ireland

Kevin Vickers was appointed Ambassador

of Canada to Ireland in January 2015. He                                                                               previously served as the Sergeant-at-Arms of the House of Commons.                    226                                 Born and raised in Newcastle (now part of the city of Miramichi), New Brunswick. He studied at St. Francis Xavier University and the University of Calgary.

Mr. Vickers had a successful 29-year-long career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), attaining the rank of Chief Superintendent. With the RCMP, he was called upon to successfully lead a number of high-profile investigations, including homicides, national criminal investigations, international drug importations, and a national investigation into those responsible for the safety of Canada's blood supply. He also played an important role in defusing the 1999-2000 Burnt Church Native Fishing Crisis, as the RCMP Incident Commander. Entrusted with providing security for VIP guests to Canada, such as HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Andrew, Vickers also served as an Aide-de-Camp for the Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, and held positions as Director-General for the Aboriginal Police Services Branch and Director-General for the National Contract Policing Branch of the RCMP. In this latter role, in 2005 at the RCMP Headquarters in Ottawa, he led the Canadian police community in developing a National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet. This initiative resulted in $45 million of funding and the creation of a National Centre of Expertise.
      Vickers was appointed Director of Security Operations for the House of Commons in June 2005. He was soon after appointed as Sergeant-at-Arms (August 2006-January 2015). There he was responsible—along with a team of 1,000 employees—for ensuring the security of the Parliamentary Precinct, and for operations that supported the functions of Parliament, including: building management (30 buildings), food services, transportation, printing and mailing services, and for facilitating the requirements of the National Press Gallery. Mr. Vickers was also responsible of the implementation of the Long-Term Vision and Plan for the Parliamentary Precinct Services. He was hailed as a hero by Canada’s parliamentarians, and other prominent Canadian and international figures for his actions in stopping the October 2014 attack at the Parliament of Canada.
      Kevin Vickers is the recipient of the Queen's Jubilee Medal, the Canada 125 Medal, and the RCMP Long Service Medal. He has also been recognized by the Community of Burnt Church for his outstanding service to their community, and by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency for his “Outstanding Contribution to Drug Enforcement.”

The Canada-Monaghan Connection                                    222

Ambassador 2010 - 2015                                   

         Patrick George Binns                  

Ambassador 2007 - 2010                                   


   Willie McKenna        

tragic story of their leaving in 1845 , have a lively exchange with the students and teachers at the local school.and be congratulated for 'pulling the perfect pint' in the Fox's Den, Keash.

   Kevin Michael Vickers          

His Excellency Loyola Hearn and wife Maureen in Sligo visit sites of mass emmigration to Canada, meet with local historians,  visit the old Kearvny family homestead and learn the